View Full Version : WTB - AR15 slickside/no-deflector A1 uppper

05-13-2010, 3:02 PM
Looking for an unwanted, unused or under appreciated A1 upper of the slick side or no-brass deflector variety. Complete or stripped, willing to trade an ubiquitous A2 if you can't find one (ha!) plus cash. Show me what you got, and how much you want.

Also looking for no-cone handguard retainers (Delta ring) of various flavors, A1 pistol grips and aluminum CAR15 stocks, with or without buffer tube hardware, so long as they are mil-spec and not made for commercial tubes like those lame 80s repros.

Scratched up, dinged up, dirty, clean, I really don't care as long as holes aren't wallowed out and wildly out of spec.

Located in Sacramento County, willing to pay shipping or do FTF.