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05-13-2010, 9:06 AM
I have to say Iím pretty disappointed with the NRA & the CRPA and believe they are dropping the ball big time with the Orange County Sheriffís race and the CCW cause. Never before has there really been a chance to change things in California and elect a Sheriff of a major County who says they will freely issue CCW permits to citizens.

Orange County is currently stuck with an anti second amendment Appointed Sheriff who has made her bias against CCW very clear and still the NRA & CRPA have refused to really get involved. If Sandra Hutchens is elected, she will take this as an endorsement of her current anti second amendment policies and she will become even more restrictive. Knowing that itís nearly impossible to unseat a sitting Sheriff, this could assure her reign for the next decade.

Iíve heard about what is going on in these organizations, and how internal politics, fear of backing a losing candidate and personal agendas are essentially scuttling the endorsement process. I also know there are some great folks in these groups who are beating their heads against a wall in an attempt to push this rock uphill and who are trying to get them to take a stand. A big thank you to all of those who are working so hard in this effort. I believe itís important to shine some light on these shenanigans in hopes of forcing these two organizations to get with the program and take action.

I know that the NRA & CRPA are working together when it comes to endorsements, which is a good thing, but the NRA screwed up the candidate surveys and was very delinquent in getting them out until just a short time ago. Donít they know Orange County has a huge chunk of mail in voters and these endorsements, and more importantly, fundraising efforts are crucial to overthrowing Hutchens?? Couldnít they have done something special to cover the Sheriffs race in a timely fashion? No offense, but Iím really not that concerned about Sally Smith the local candidate for Blaa Blaa Blaa and her NRA grade.

I Ďve heard that there are folks in these organizations who do not want to endorse a particular Pro CCW Sheriff candidate because they are not convinced 100% he will win and they donít want a loss on their record. Sorry guys, nothing is assured so itís time to man up and get in the game.

Iíve heard there are people on these committees who work with a particular Sheriff Candidate who isnít doing so well and they are doing everything they can to stop any type of an endorsement. Shame on you for letting your personal relationship get in the way of the greater good. You should resign your position today because of your obvious conflict of interest.

Thanks to some hard work by a few folks, the final grades are in for the OC Sheriff candidates have been completed but there is still no formal announcement. I have heard the following though: Hutchens = F, Hunter = F or ?, Hunt = A (Did not get an A+ because he has not held elected office and has to formal vote / action record)

M. D. Van Norman
05-13-2010, 9:10 AM
Or maybe they didnít want to give Sheriff Hutchens the chance to ďrun against the NRA.Ē

05-13-2010, 9:16 AM
Or maybe they didnít want to give Sheriff Hutchens the chance to ďrun against the NRA.Ē


Remember that CCW issues really only turn out to be worth a few percent max. after people apply.