View Full Version : WTB Stag 1H Upper

05-12-2010, 2:40 PM
I'm looking for a Stag 1H upper. Preferably one that will still have a long life, ie, doesn't have 1000+ rounds down the barrel. I'll probably have a few questions and will want to see pics. Send a PM if you have one you don't want or need anymore. Thanks

Update: Since it seems there aren't too many with Stags for sale, I'll change to any similar upper. I basically want a like new upper, 5.56, 16'' M4 style upper with a flattop, and a 1:9 twist.

05-13-2010, 9:19 AM
No one at all has a slightly used upper that they're looking to part with?

05-13-2010, 1:49 PM
order a upper online can get one for 400 through midwayusa or other related websights
stags are hard to get i have one and dont think many people will part with em they are to well built
theres a guy on here in the parts section selling delton uppers for 395 should hit him up complete upper pacakges for 410 i think upper and buffer tube set

05-13-2010, 1:54 PM
hey bro heres the guys thread hit him up

05-14-2010, 4:11 AM
Thanks for the advice but I really am looking for a Stag if I can help it but I'll definitely come back to taht site if I'm having trouble.