View Full Version : Need a better Barrel for my Savage model 111 FCXP3!!

05-12-2010, 1:39 PM
The barrel on this gun is no good- along with the stock and trigger but those are for later. I am hoping to find some 20" Bull Barrel/Heavy Barrel. I have a 7mm Rem Mag version. Sorry I want it in 7mm Rem Mag but would love .308 if changing the bolt face wouldnt be too pricey or complicated

Thanks for your help guys


05-12-2010, 1:48 PM
If you purchase the membership at the Savage Shooters forum, you can access the classifieds section there. You should be able to find what your looking for. I have not done it myself, but most Savage owners swear by it.

I have the same one in 30.06. I'm ok with the barrel, but the trigger is getting replaced next month.

05-12-2010, 1:50 PM
You didn't say what caliber you wanted to go to, but here is one supplier.


You might also try ER Shaw barrels.

If you decide to go to a non magnum cartridge, you have to change the bolt face, but that is fairly easy to do.

05-12-2010, 1:51 PM
Thanks a lot. I do love the gun but when the barrel heats up the shots seem to really change. Good call on the trigger swap. Thanks for the reply bud

05-12-2010, 1:53 PM
Hey thanks for the reply. I would like to go to .308 but 7 Mag is good too. I am really looking for a Bull Barrel. 20" or 22" I don't want the 24" barrel anymore. I appreciate the help.


Bug Splat
05-12-2010, 3:11 PM
Why the downgrade to 308? Is it based on ammo price?

05-12-2010, 3:16 PM
Why the downgrade to 308? Is it based on ammo price?
I have fired .308 and I like the lessened recoil. I also wouldnt mind saving a couple bucks each box. I am stil undecided and have become very attached to my 7mm round but its all a work in progress. Thanks for you reply