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05-10-2010, 6:37 PM
I posted this as a reply to another post, but it is valuable information. So I wanted people to find it.

The purpose of this response/post is to talk about facts when it comes to the race for Sheriff in San Diego County. Not personal agenda or opinion….facts. I have been researching this race for over a year now and have gotten to know each of the candidates on a first name basis (including Ruff and Bejarano before they left the race). I’ve met with, had lunch with, formally interviewed, and informally conversed with LaSuer, Duffy, and Gore on more than one occasion. I’ve been to 4 of their debates. Everything I know about these candidates is from conversations I’ve had with them or things I’ve heard them say while present at a debate. You already know about the Ruby Ridge and 9/11 terrorist stuff with Gore so I will leave that out.

Here is a list of facts:

Jay LaSuer:
• NRA Member (and he sees to it each family member is too)
• Pro CCW and will issue using “personal protection” as “good cause”. Issuing CCWs is a major part of his platform as Sheriff.
• Pro CCW as a La Mesa City Council Member and tried to pass a measure allowing La Mesa to issue CCWs.
• “A” rated as an Assemblyman from 2000 to 2006 (even after he killed his own “watered-down” version of the AWB in 2000.)
• Active in Lemon Grove Rod and Gun Club
• Mentors at “Women on Target” clinics without mentioning he is running for office.
• Attends Friends of the NRA Dinners (usually as a sponsor)
• Completely against recently proposed regulations by the Sheriff to the County Board regarding shooting ranges and said if elected they will all “disappear”
• Against the California “assault” weapon ban and voted against it as an Assemblyman
• Endorsed by Rick Amato, iCaucus, Sheriff Arpaio, Sheriff Mack, El Cajon Gun Exchange, On Target Radio, Rick Roberts, Roger Hedgecock, Duncan Hunter, Duncan D Hunter, Dennis Hollingsworth, Gun Owners Of America
• Believes the Supreme Court made the right decision on Heller vs. D.C. and wants them to incorporate it against the states in MacDonald vs. Chicago.
• He would help support gun owners by issuing CCWs, voicing his concerns for anti-gun legislation, and by not emphasizing enforcement of AWB laws; rather enforcement of violent crimes and property crimes (robbery, etc).
• Proposed an assault weapon ban that the NRA strongly opposed. Mr. LaSuer contends that it was an attempt to “water down” the current ban and he points out he killed it himself before it even got out of committee. The main difference in his bill and the current ban is that the possession of all magazines that hold over 10 rounds and the definition of an “assault weapon” would be any rifle that has a magazine with over 10 rounds in it. The NRA came out strongly against this legislation.
• In 2004 proposed AB448 to overturn the CA AWB.

William “Bill” Gore:
• Not an NRA member
• Will “maintain the current policy of issuing a CCWs” and will not issue a CCW to a law abiding citizen “just because they want one”. Will only issue to “victims of crimes like rape” or “if, say, a business owners needs one on the job”.
• Is not a member of any gun clubs or shooting related clubs.
• Not an NRA member.
• Says he likes some of the safety and education programs from the NRA, but that is where his beliefs and the NRA’s beliefs “part ways”.
• Was Under Sheriff and Sheriff during the time the proposal for changing San Diego County regulations for gun ranges was produced and proposed. He was aware and involved. Had the regulatiosn not been stopped, they would have passed and they would have put onerous regulations of all ranges in the unincorporated San Diego County.
• Is in favor of the current “assault” weapon ban in California
• When asked what I can tell the gun community about his views he answered “tell them it is not the only issue when running for sheriff”.
• Endorsed by California Narcotics Officers’ Assoc, California Peace Officers; Assoc., San Diego County Police Chief’s and Sheriff’s Association
• Disagrees with Heller vs. D.C. “I am not a guy who thinks just anyone should have a gun”
• Currently being sued by Chuck Michel’s office over his CCW policy.
Jim Duffy:
• NRA member
• Pro CCW and will issue using “personal protection” as good cause, but will conduct an interview before issuing. He has promised the CCW application/interview process will also have an appeal process in place in case someone is turned down.
• As president of the Deputy Sheriff Association he fought in court for the ability for off-duty law enforcement officers to be able to carry their weapon concealed while off-duty at the San Diego County Fair at Del Mar.
• Very helpful in fighting Sheriff’s proposal to the County regarding the change in shooting and shooting range regulations as well as providing feedback for our re-write.
• Against the California “assault” weapon ban
• Endorsed by DSA, Chula Vista Police Association, many southern California law enforcement organizations.
• Believes the Supreme Court made the right decision on Heller vs. D.C. and will do the same in MacDonald vs. Chicago.
• He would support gun owners by stopping proposal to the County to restrict shooting and protecting the process by which he issues CCWs from state interference.
• No involvement in any NRA related programs or training.

The bullet points offered above are facts. Now my opinion: don’t vote for Gore. Appointed Sheriff Gore will make it through the primary, I am pretty sure. Vote for whoever is his opponent. Between Duffy and LaSuer, after looking at the facts, I know who I am voting for. I will wait and follow what the NRA says and not issue an endorsement or recommendation from me personally. Just do not vote for Gore.

Too many gun advocates on this message board are pushing some kind of personal agenda. They have chosen to trash gun advocates like LaSuer without bothering to look at all the facts. In March I offered to inform two prominent calgunners on the other candidates in this race because these two calgunners post frequently against LaSuer. The idea behind reaching out to them being that they sounded like a broken record bashing LaSuer and I knew I had no shot of convincing them to support LaSuer so at least I could give them enough knowledge on the other candidates so they could start to promote or attack other candidates and back off of LaSuer. Both of them refused. My conclusion is they have an anti LaSuer agenda and no real interest in spending 10 minutes hearing first hand knowledge of the candidates. They are not interested in the race, just bashing LaSuer.

I honestly cannot think of many gun enthusiasts who do not support Jay LaSuer in this race. Even the trusted CRPA board member mentioned by Wildhawker who endorses Duffy told me he does not think ill of LaSuer, but prefers Duffy. Amazingly, nobody who actually lives in San Diego is bashing LaSuer. That says a lot.

It doesn’t matter who you like or dislike or who they like or dislike. What matters is what they think about the Second Amendment. I am not trying to halt all healthy debate. Debate is good. But what has gone on when it comes to Jay LaSuer on calguns has not been healthy and has not been debate. If you are engaged in this, you are harming the cause, not advancing it.

We have to stop attacking each other. Do you think the Brady org is sitting around trashing each other for not being anti-gun enough? No. Too many times our community has no problem trashing their own and doing it publicly. We need leadership. True leadership. We need involvement. Meaningful and effective activism.

A good friend of mine whose life’s work is gun rights tells me “we are the good guys so we don’t have to use dirty tactics”. I believe him.


“Know your friends, know your enemies, know the difference” – Joel Friedman, NRA Board Member. (He didn’t make it up, but he was the first person I ever heard say it and it stuck with me.)