View Full Version : trying to get my DVR to remote view my CCTV

05-09-2010, 9:16 PM
So I installed this CCTV system and I cannot seem to get it working right. I got the web address and put all the stuff in the DVR network settings hooked it to the network but i cant get the images to come up.
Anyone know of a free site that I can do this through. im using the Qsee recommended site portforward.com

How do I access my DVR from the internet. I did this a long time ago but I dont usually do internet access for CCTZV 99% of my stuff is local closed circuit

Thanx for any help


05-11-2010, 6:29 AM
I know you were asking for sites, but I wanted to toss another option out there for you. Depending on what your configuration is, a Sling Box may meet your needs.


05-12-2010, 9:22 AM
Thanx i got it. i was programing the wrong Ip address in the DVR

05-12-2010, 12:06 PM
If you have an iPhone... search for the free "HBPlayer" app. You can view a live stream of the cameras from anywhere. "APlayer", also free, works as well.