View Full Version : OKC Gun Club Endorses Burtt For NRA Board

03-08-2006, 5:06 PM
Oklahoma City Gun Club Endorses Burtt For NRA Board

Oklahoma is John Burtt's home state, so this is important news.

John Burtt is chair of the Fifty Caliber Institute (http://fiftycal.org/) and was crucial for defeating AB 50 several years before Ahnold signed it. He is still heavily involved in defending .50 cal rights in other states and if we're ever going to get .50;s back in the Golden State, I think John Burtt will have to be on NRA's board.

So I heartily endorse the man. So do a lot of people, all more important than I. Check his website at...
...and he is not an incumbent.

Not that I think the incumbents are bad either. The Nominating Committee has produced an outstanding list - see...
...for my recommendations.

Mike Haas
NRA Benefactor member