View Full Version : Lake Elsinore open to bowfishing now. Working on bowfishing tourney for June 12-13

05-08-2010, 2:45 PM
Working on bowfishing tourney for June 12-13 this year, it may be too late to get it going and it will be hot by then. The lake turns on in late March and April so next year we're looking to have the tourney end of April possibly. Anybody that wants to help sponsor the bowfishing tourney please contact me.


Scouted the lake today with Pat from the City of Elsinore. The spawn IS ON!!! Carp were in the shallows and rolling everywhere. Most in the 3-6 lb range. Saw some dead ones on shore up to maybe 8-10 lbs. Pat said the carp were stunted for years because of the sheer numbers but since they seine netted out maybe 70% of the carp they are seeing bigger fish now. In a year or two we should see some heavier toads come out. The visibility was about 3 feet from what I could tell from the shore, I wasn't able to get out on a boat as they were short today from the city mandated furloughs. Pat said there isn't a heavy algae bloom like Big Bear so the lake should be good to shoot all year. Water temps were 65-66F today, perfect for the spawn. It was 90F so take a hat, water and some sunblock, it got hot out there walking around.

Lake Elsinore West Marina on the west side of the lake has rentals and a boat launch. They have 2 pontoons for rent also. Kevin there said the little cove they have in the marina area was covered up with carp this morning. Take your crappie poles too as the crappie around there are huge and the bite is decent. Kevin said he was open to letting bowfishing happen around his docks and shoreline as long as we're not causing problems like leaving fish or bumping into the day use folks. Today it was not crowded there at all but the warm weekends coming will change that. Check in with Kevin to make sure it's kewl to shoot when you go to that area.

The walk in levee on the east side of the lake where it's legal to shore fish is a bit of a walk so take a wagon and/or bike if you have them. It's 2 miles in to the S2 sign where you can start bowfishing. There is 1 mile of sandy gentle slope shoreline to walk and shoot there all the way over to Rome Hill.

Please make sure you haul your fish out and don't trespass on the private land and docks on the lake. The city council is watching us to see how we do and hopefully we'll get more shoreline opened up next year.

It was killing me to walk around the shore with my bow in the truck but Pat had to do a quick recon and head out. No one has stuck a carp yet that I know of so the official first carp killer award and prize is still up for grabs.

Thanks again to Pat and Mike M. for the work getting the lake opened up to bowfishing. We're working on getting Silverwood, Perris, Skinner, the San Diego Lakes and Diamond Valley opened too.

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