View Full Version : FS: prolok/gunlok monster trigger locks - PICs (LOS ANGELES)

05-06-2010, 6:04 PM
gunlok trigger locks made by prolok. these are monster locks, built super heavy duty. makes those Master brand trigger locks look like a toy. as kid proof as you can get, you have to do several things to it to unlock. if you weren't familiar with these locks, you wouldn't be able to open it even with the key. there are 2 buttons that has to be pressed along with a key that has to be inserted then depressed and turned... all in a particular order. these will even work with a garand. i have 3 of them, all in like new condition with all of their optional pins for custom fitting, keys and an owner's manual. these sell for about $25 each on-line. pick up in the los angeles area. can ship if you cover the cost... USPS priority mail flat rate should be around $6.


you can have all 3 for $40.