View Full Version : Friend with Mak 90 in Nevada

05-06-2010, 3:43 PM
I have a friend in Nevada with Mak 90 he wants to give me but of course I live in CA so I can't have it because it is on the list. Can I have a class 2 manufacturer rename the model number to 901 or something so I can legally own it?

05-06-2010, 3:52 PM
Have some mfgr outside CA remove the receiver and build the gun up on a new off-list receiver.

05-06-2010, 3:57 PM
That's a lot of trouble just to get a postban AK,even if for free. why not save the MAK90 from getting chopped and just get something else? No more mak90s are coming to the country anymore.

There are plenty of quality AKs that are offlist.

05-06-2010, 5:08 PM
Yeah I kind of figured that. Oh well I guess I will tell him to keep it or sell it to someone else out of state.