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05-05-2010, 12:39 PM
4-21 - Woke up at 0200 and head out to my friends house and load up.. Now there's 8 of us going but only 4 that is leaving on Wednesday and the rest will meet us up on Friday.. On our way one of our friends called and said "dont leave! come pick me up, i'm going" So we past by our friends house and picked him up.

We arrived at PVR around 1130ish. Set up camp and just chilled for a few hours. Weather wasnt as cold as I thought it would be. After chillin for a while, we decided to fish for a little since the stream was 2 feet from our camp. We only caught 2 in 3 hours. The water flow was pretty fast. Let one of them go and kept one for dinner. Man that was pretty tasty! After a few drinks we decided to hit the sack but not before we put everything away. We put all coolers, foods, drinks, etc in the bed of the truck. It had a camper so its the best place to store all the goods.

During the night, we had a storm come through. High winds and rain! I usually have an empty bottle with me to relieve myself in the tent instead of going outside. haha.. I guess i was to tipsy to bring one in. When I unzipped my bag one of my friends said to be careful because there are a lot of raccoons running around. I didnt see any..

4-22 - Woke up at around 0530ish and man let me tell you, it was FREEZING!!!!. As we were pulling out all the food and coolers out of the truck we saw little footprints on the truck that started from the front tire making its way to the top of the camper. Came to find out that they made their way inside of the truck through the window of the camper. And all they ate was the dog food. lol.

0700 we gear up and head to the dam. We kept walking till we found a good spot and we sure did! Almost every other cast we got a fish.. We probably caught like 40 between the 5 of us. All were released except 3 for dinner. During all this time we had an awesome view of Ospreys swooping down and hitting the water hard to catch a fish! Very very awesome.. The sound of them hitting the water was so loud it sounded like a shotgun going off! We went back to camp and ate lunch. Then we decided to drive up north and see what campsites are open.. Every single campsite was closed due to it being snowed in. On our drive back we stopped at Mammoth to grab dinner and watch the Laker game. After the game we went back to camp and called it the night.

4-23 - The morning wasn't as bad as the first morning but still cold! Ate breakfast and started packing up because we are moving location to Twin Lakes. After packing up we hit up the dam again for a quick session till the rest of the gang shows up.. Man these trouts were hungry! lol. And the Ospreys were at it again! At one point we all stopped fishing just to watch the action.. I swear I thought I was back in Iraq when those Ospreys would do a fly by right in front of us making that "zziipppp" sound. lol..

When the other group got close to PVR they radioed us. We pulled out of PVR and waited off the side of the road for them. They pulled up and took a short pee break and we all headed up north to Mono Village in Twin Lakes.

We got there at around 1700 and set up camp.. It was fast and easy now that there were 8 of us. Mono Village is straight up bear country so we had to lock everything up..

4-24 - Me and 2 other guys got up at 0200 to find a spot in the lake.. After talking to one of our friends friend that has been fishing here for years, he pointed us to a good spot for shore fishing.. And damn was it a good spot! We were the first ones out there. Good thing I brought my headlamp cuz if not I would have been swimming with the fishes. As soon as the sun broke, we all got our lines wet.. We were using everything we had and couldn't find what they wanted to bite on.. After messing around for a little bit I finally found what they were biting on.. Soon after my friends follow suit. We were catching them like crazy.. Most of them were dinks and released them expect for a few good size one. We didnt know there was a derby going on.. If we did, my friend would have won!

Throughout this time this other group were catching them too.. They sent their son over to our spot pretending he was looking for something on the ground just to know what we were using. Then they start catching them.. They had about 4 stringers filled with fish.. probably a total of 30 between the 4 of them. These guys were wannabe gangsters. My friend yelled over to them "I think you caught you limit already!" And they yelled over "Yea whatever holmes. What if I go there and kick you to the water" My friend said "Go for it" We see them packing up their stuff and heading towards us.. They got right next to us and did say a single word.. Only bad looks.. Now me and my friends grew up in the heart of LA so we knew what was going to happened. Soon after the rest of our friends walked up calling for us. The wannabe gangsters ask me if they were our friends for some strange reason. and I said "YUP" They quickly packed their stuff and left. lol. From a distant we saw them getting busted by DFG. lol.

We all caught our limit. We ended the day getting drunk and having a snowball fight.

4-25 - Packed up and headed home. Made a quick stop at Lundy lake but is was frozen. made another stop at Convict lake. I caught one in the first 5min. Then DFG came by and started harassing everyone. Checking coolers, license, they also made this one group empty their truck! We all said "lets jam" because we all just had that bad vibe. While walking back to the truck one of my friend who is a falconer, spotted a huge bird. And it was a blad eagle.. Man, now I can die! lol.

All in all, I had an awesome time! This was my first season opener and definitely not my last!

Sorry no pics. I have to get them from my friends.

05-05-2010, 8:15 PM
Sounds like a blast. I was up on the lower owens the weekend before the opener, it was so windy and fast the only thing I got.. was frustrated. Glad it all worked out for you, hopefully I'll be up at convict in a couple of weeks if all goes as planned.