View Full Version : can you review my ccw applicaion statement

05-04-2010, 3:07 PM
deleted as suggested by room

05-04-2010, 3:11 PM
this is for tulare county.

You may want to post this over on the CCW forum on the CalGun site here. Or, which is my better suggestion, post on the CalCCW.com website that you have a GC statement for the experts to review.

DON'T post the actual GC statement on that website until you have been asked to. Most likely the experts there will ask you to PM it to them over posting it publicy.

Foriegn power
05-04-2010, 3:14 PM
Honestly, I would grant you a CCW. Although maybe suggest emphasizing the imminent threat of this person.

05-04-2010, 3:25 PM
I have seen posted on a few places that you should not make your 'good cause' statement public.

I'm not sure why that is posted, but you might want to look into it before you post this. (too late now I guess)

05-04-2010, 3:32 PM
^ maybe because others will use it verbatim, then when the approving official revieww yours he will deny. Or they might see the thread and see that you were "coached". Either way, bad.

05-04-2010, 4:31 PM
i see thers no way to delete it

05-04-2010, 4:39 PM
Removed at your request. But please take my advice and go to CalCCW or the CCW forum here.

05-04-2010, 5:16 PM
The biggest factor is which county do you live in. If you are in say sutter county where the sheriff has posted on the website that "personal protection" is sufficient, you are good to go as long as your background check is clean.

If you reside in san fran, los angeles or other urban counties, chances are slim in scoring a ccw.


05-04-2010, 5:30 PM
is it for tulare county? i have one issued for t.c and if you would like send me a p.m with what you have and i can tell you if your good to go. whitman is a good guy and he usually is pretty good about issueing them.