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05-04-2010, 10:48 AM

1:http://pics.gunbroker.com/GB/167237000/167237288/pix1254250578.jpg 2:http://pics.gunbroker.com/GB/167237000/167237288/pix1254250703.jpg 3:http://pics.gunbroker.com/GB/167237000/167237288/pix1254250640.jpgNo reserve auction. This is an extremely rare item. It will continue to run until sold or will go back into my collection. AMT Automag II PROTOTYPE in 22 mag from the Irwindale plant. EXTREMELY RARE PROTOTYPE!!!!! That's right, it is an extremely rare prototype!!! SN is a single digit XP- X reflecting an experimental prototype that comes with an additional big 8 1/2" barrel!!!! All stainless pistol ships with 2 mags. Some minor scratches on the long slide. Shipping is $30 to your FFL in CONUS.We prefer payment with postal money order but take cashier's and personal (Wait 10 days to clear).This is an unbelievable find folks. You will never again see an experimental frame let alone the 8 1/2" barrel!!!The grips were made by Bruce Stark and he says there were only about 30 of these grips made.

B Strong
05-04-2010, 4:25 PM
If AMT's are the focus of your collection, this would be a good get, but in my experience AMT's are all project guns if you intend to use them as shooters.

The one exception to that was their "Lightning" pistol in .22, a clone of the Ruger Mk II. It was as reliable as the Ruger.

Bug Splat
05-04-2010, 9:40 PM
I've always wanted that gun. Something about a 22mag semiauto just makes me smile