View Full Version : VERY Interesting off-list AK build possibility

03-04-2006, 10:30 PM
I wasn't going to blast this off into the public forums for fear the DOJ didn't know about this... but by now I have reason to believe they are aware of this model. Check out the VZ-2000 at http://www.ohioordnanceworks.com/vz2000/vz.htm


That's right folks, this is just like a CaliFAL! Just pin the mag and load from the top like an SKS. At $1250 it's steep, but it's by far the easiest loading Cali AK there will be any time soon. Not to mention in a world of Romanian and Yugoslavian post-ban AKs you get originality points for having a Czech AK :)...

03-04-2006, 11:02 PM
very nice, price is not bad for a milled receiver gun

03-05-2006, 6:39 AM
Actually it is based on the Czech VZ 58. It is not truly an AK, Ak Parts don't interchange with any AK's. Having said that They are awesome! I purchased about 7 parts kits about a year ago. Everything is milled, and beutifully made. Like you said loads like an SKS. I even got mags out of Canada. 5 rounders:( built with the look of 30 rounders. The off list thing has put those projects on the back burner for now. Other thing is OOW is the only outfit selling receivers and compliance parts and I think they are getting $800.00 for the receiver and 922 parts package.

glen avon
03-05-2006, 9:54 AM
yessir, not an AK, the czechs didn't want to give up their home-grown arms for the russian stuff, and the russians insisted on standardization, so the czechs accepted the M43 round and the russians tolerated the CZ-58. interesting history.

and if it loads from stripper clips, all the better for us

03-05-2006, 9:57 AM
Nice, but the particle board stock has to go ;)

03-05-2006, 1:06 PM
OOW won't ship a receiver to CA, I already asked. So I got myself an 80% one and it looks to be a month build.