View Full Version : WTB ASAP! Repro Flintlock Pistol, Shooter grade or restorable

05-02-2010, 6:20 PM
Anyone got an old beater flintlock repro they want to sell? I'm looking for any given reproduction flintlock pistol that anyone's got available. Looking for something inexpensive and used, condition is absolutely not important as long as it's got a decent bore and is in reasonable mechanical and firing condition. I intend to refinish and probably do some mechanical alteration to the gun, replace some furniture, etc, so anything that's missing non-essential parts is fine. Something in .45+ caliber is vastly preferred, pre revolutionary war design and/or .50+ is ideal. I'd also happily consider unfinished kit guns or even guns that need some repair to become shooters.

I'm willing to pay a reasonable price and talk a fair deal, though obviously I'm looking to buy used and cheap since I'm going to completely rebuild the gun so why pay for a brand new gun if it's avoidable. I also want to find something quickly as I'm on a deadline to finish this project, so if anyone knows of a gunshop with something I'd want feel free to let me know.

Explanation for the sake of context:
I like to build and restore repro flintlock pistols, sometimes from scratch, sometimes from kits, sometimes rebuilding an existing gun. I have a new friend who's done a lot of nice things for me professionally in the past four months that I've known him, and I have a feeling he'd really appreciate a taylor made flintlock. I'd probably build him one from scratch if I could, but since I've only just moved to L.A. I don't have a propper shop set up and I want to get the build done within the next two weeks meaning I probably wouldn't have time anyway since I'm by far no professional. So I'm looking for an existing gun that I can rebuild and customize for him as a gift.

EDIT: Should have said, anyone looking to get in contact can reply here, PM me here, or email me at Captainfuzychin@rock.com. I'm located in Sunland, CA (LA county) and would happily drive anywhere within three hours to pick up the gun. As we're talking black powder I'd obviously not see a need to involve an FFL but if I will obviously comply with all state and federal laws regarding black powder gun sales and do whatever needed to make a fair and smooth deal.