View Full Version : WTB 7.62x54R Surplus and 9mm/40sw

Meety Peety
05-01-2010, 11:08 AM
Looking for some 7.62x54R surplus in San Diego. Would like to pick some up before the upcoming show in Del Mar considering I will likely buy a few cases there. Also interested in some 9mm and/or 40sw if the price is right. Not in a hurry for these but if we can work something out let me know.

I'd rather pay cash right now, but I do have some .38spl, .40sw and .30-30 BRASS. I'd have to double check what I have but a rough estimate would be around 300rds of .38, 250rds of .40 and 100rds of .30-30. This would be all matching, uncleaned once fired. I also have 2 Sig SP2022 magazines to trade if someone wants them, one is brand new in package and the other has around 100rds through it.

Thanks for looking