View Full Version : help dell modem driver

04-30-2010, 7:36 PM
So I got a virus and reinstalled xp from a disc I have, but no driver disc.
So I went to the web site on another computer and there it is, but every time I try to put it on a usb thumb drive it tries to install on the current computer I'm using. If I can just get the modem installed I can get the rest but how can I get it right>/

05-01-2010, 5:23 AM
Right click the link and choose "save target as...". If you are downloading from dell support, be sure to click the "download" link and not the "install" link.

05-01-2010, 7:13 AM
tried that all it wants to do is install on the computer I'm on

05-01-2010, 11:35 AM
Every time I've gone out to find drivers for Dell notebook computers, I've been able to actually download the file itself onto the target machine.

One thing you may want to do is get the network adapters working in your target PC first, then use an internet connection to just install the drivers directly. That should work.


05-01-2010, 6:21 PM
For some reason it didn't work last night when I tried,but it magically worked today.
Could have something to do with those beers I had to improve my mental function and computer skills last night.

Came really close to chucking the whole thing out the door, but It worked out.