View Full Version : Ok, no more guns for me

04-30-2010, 10:16 AM
After my yet another impulse buy yesterday. I now need to make a pact to myself. Absolutely no more guns

...til I save up enough for a Sig 210. I can't keep side track. Focus, focus...

Black Majik
04-30-2010, 10:16 AM
Yeah right, I've seen you post. I know better. ;)

04-30-2010, 10:18 AM
i've heard that one many times from many people. including myself!!! only advice i have is buy a LARGE safe!! :)

Maltese Falcon
04-30-2010, 10:26 AM
....well I am absolutely done myself (after I pickup the last one today). :rolleyes:


04-30-2010, 10:29 AM
I think you should mark your commitment with the purchase of a celebratory firearm!

04-30-2010, 10:37 AM
I,m with you so I,ll quit also right after I buy the Vaquero 45 Ive said I,d buy saturday and pick up my 1911 monday :rolleyes:, Redhemi

04-30-2010, 10:43 AM
Yeah, that's what they all say... but then you end up convincing yourself you need to "shoot up" just one last time. It's a harsh disease, gun addiction. :p

04-30-2010, 10:48 AM
Yeah! Me too! Until....................

I save up for two EAA Witness Stock 2 in 9mm and 10 mags. :p
In fact I think I don't have enough guns, I have 3 boys and the youngest is a girl. My little girl is the one that likes to watch me practice dry firing and mag change.

Richie Caketown
04-30-2010, 10:58 AM
where are the pics?

04-30-2010, 10:58 AM
Liar !

04-30-2010, 11:48 AM
12 handguns every 365 days. My new motto. :)

04-30-2010, 12:40 PM
AwwwwC'mon, old noob!

Look at it his way. You are doing your part helping out the economy and therefore a lot of your countrymen-----in the process, you are also doing your health good since it calms your nerves, which helps your blood pressure and your heart.

Not to mention that if your are a calm & happy person due to the gun purchase, it helps your marriage climate too:D:D

So the lesson is------the more gun purchase the more good you do for country, fellowmen, and self. Its a win-win situation. What could be better than that??????

04-30-2010, 2:14 PM
Yup. same here. The CZ75B is my last purchase.

04-30-2010, 2:19 PM
I find myself ooo'ing and ahh'ing over pretty guns, but realistically, I only need a pistol, shotgun, and rifle. So I'm going to stick with my M&P9, Remington 870, and keep on saving for my AR build and waiting for those cheap group buys :)

Super Spy
04-30-2010, 2:32 PM
Me too.....no more guns....until after June 1 when we go back to full time schedule and I can afford 'em again......

04-30-2010, 2:33 PM
I'm in the same boat .... no more guns for me ... but I really can't because my new licence has yet to come in the mail ...

04-30-2010, 2:35 PM
12 handguns every 365 days. My new motto. :)

weak...get yourself a COE and a collector's FFL.

04-30-2010, 2:41 PM
Me too...No more CZ handguns for me...I'm thinking of some Mossberg shotguns :)

04-30-2010, 2:42 PM
what helps me sorta... Is to take out a bunch of guns that I haven't shot in a long while and shoot 4 or 5 of em and then go home and try to remember how to take em apart and clean em.

I know that even if I don't look for a "new" gun.. an old one will somehow find me. I ooooh and awwww over the pretty guns in the gun mags but I have been suckered enough in the past. All those pretty "must have" guns that shoot 1/2" groups one handed by some half blind old gunwriter..

It is like my Hot Rod addiction where every new part adds "20% more HP".. I am a sucker.

04-30-2010, 2:45 PM
That's what I said aboud building AKs 4 month ago, and now I have 4 more projects going, and am so itchy to buy that all matching Russian 77 AKM kit on GB.... This addiction is much worth than drugs, not that I would know, I never used any drugs.


04-30-2010, 2:49 PM
I always tell myself, " No More.....I'm Done, I don't need anything else....and then those darm manufacturers come out with something new or updated....damm them!! .....waiting to see the reviews for the Hk AR this summer and then no more.......

04-30-2010, 3:29 PM
I know what you mean by no more guns. I thought I was through, but I now have the inkling to buy a XD45 which will make my fourth .45

04-30-2010, 3:44 PM
I haven't bought a gun in 6 months, and well it just plain s*cks! don't do it, never say never...............

Super Spy
04-30-2010, 3:56 PM
Maybe I should say no more rifles.....and focus on shotguns and pistols for awhile......

04-30-2010, 4:20 PM
I need a CZ75 in a .40

And certainly a Colt Combat Elite 1911

I rather enjoyed shooting the Ruger 556, so that's a must have.

I must have a semi auto .308. Those JD machine jobs look nice, and it'll be a nice companion to the Stag 2T I already have and the Ruger to come.

Oh and a Beretta shotgun


I'm done

Until I fine another 4506 for a great price