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04-30-2010, 1:24 AM
I'm currently running a Magpul MBUS rear sight, but I like the look of the Matech rear BUIS.. Are the Matechs any good?

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04-30-2010, 1:31 AM
Yes, I like my Matech very much.
Having said that... If I was a HSLD type going in harms way, I'd swap the mounting bracket piece with a heavy duty piece.

Check the Calguns Marketplace because paladin4415 seems to get batches for sale every now and then. He's a great seller, so buy with confidence.


04-30-2010, 1:37 AM
I have not used one. But the ranging feature looks very useful. They do take up a lot of real estate.

I run Troy and KAC. I used to run Magpul MBUS, but after 2 broke on me I stopped using them. Others seem to love them. They sell well. I also used to use Midwest Industries. Don't have any real complaints about MI. They worked great. They are a tad large.

04-30-2010, 2:10 AM
Its current issue on some US M4's. You can even find some on eBay. If you want one that takes up less room and has a lower profile, try the old Knights Armament 0-300M RBUIS or its newer version.

04-30-2010, 2:15 AM
I'm currently running a Magpul MBUS rear sight, but I like the look of the Matech rear BUIS.. Are the Matechs any good?

Anything is BETTER than the Magpul....

Ok... that's not "really" true.... but... Troy, Matech, KAC, DD, Larue, LMT, or even RRA, GGG and MI are better than Magpul....

04-30-2010, 4:36 AM
I bought the magpul because I got a fairly good deal on it.. But now I'm looking for other options! I was asking about the Matech because I like the price.. I'm not trying to spend 80 bucks on something I barely use ya know? Thanks for all the tips guys!

04-30-2010, 6:39 AM
I run a Matech on one of my builds and I will caution two things. 1. It is small aperture only 2. the inside of the aperture is polished and reflects light.

That said it is compact and well built. I really like that it is easily adjustable from 200-600m.


04-30-2010, 6:41 AM
I love mine

04-30-2010, 6:55 AM
I have one and like it. One word of caution, the pin that holds the MATECH in position may walk out after a while. My solution was to retain it with a trimmed pencil eraser. Problem is it limits my windage adjustment to about 2 clicks in either direction. Doesn't bother me since I just use kentucky to hold over.

04-30-2010, 7:09 AM
I was issued one for my M16A4 when I was in the service and I wasn't too pleased with it. The problem a lot of us had was that the sight is spring-loaded, and fairly often (I'd say 15-20% of our weapons) the detent would fail and the sight would be permanently in the "up" position. This may have been rectified since 2008 when I had mine, I don't honestly know. Also keep in mind that Marines have a nasty habit of using their rifles as hammers, something that not too many civilians would do, and that may be partially to blame for the failures ;). Whatever you do, don't fall into the trap of believing that because it's standard-issue, it must be good gear. Trust me, the military buys a lot of junk too.

I would steer you toward almost any other sight that's un-sprung, or better yet, a fixed sight that is permanently co-witnessed with your optics. If you don't plan to use optics, a fixed sight is the only way to go. And for your uses--strictly as a backup--you probably don't need an elevation adjustment. You can BZO your irons to hit from 0-300 without adjustment, that is more than adequate. Remember that every moving part has some degree of play, and that means some inevitable loss of accuracy. As parts wear, play only increases and eventually (albeit most likely years down the road) your sight will be useless.

This part is personal preference, but I also didn't care for the skinny little post coming up on the Matech. I like a more traditional, beefy rear sight. Again, that is personal preference. I do like the lever for elevation adjustment, that is a nice feature--albeit not one you use often on a service rifle in real conditions.

04-30-2010, 8:29 AM
I bought my Matech from Paladin and it's by far my favorite rear iron sight. It fits perfectly under the acog style sight as well.

Look for Paladin's post in the marketplace, he usually has GREAT prices on the Matechs.