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04-28-2010, 11:59 PM
I was wondering if anyone has successfully gone through this process.

Case is finally closed, detective handling it (who was BEYOND helpful and wanted me to get my stolen property back) told me I needed to fill out the LEGR application and send it in.

I did that over a month ago. I checked with my bank today and the DOJ still hasn't even cashed my check!

has anyone gone through this process before? How long did it take for the DOJ to issue you your letter saying it was "ok" to return your property to you. I am debating sending in a second application and check in case my first one was somehow "lost"

Thanks in advance

04-29-2010, 6:38 AM
The old saying "The wheel that squeaks the loudest, gets the most oil" applies here. I went through this two years ago when I reclaimed my firearm that was stolen from me. Essentially, the process takes about a month, if you haven't heard anything by then, you need to call them to give them a kick in the backside. One thing you need to do is be polite, after all they are government employees of the State of California and subject to unpredictable mood swings, so if you want anything done, be patient until you get that piece of paper with the gold seal of approval. Then take that to the police department and get your gun back.

04-29-2010, 7:42 AM
I had to do the LEGR process. I did this back in 2007 and the expected time line was about 6 weeks. This was before the ongoing gun rush and budget cuts. It was explained to me that the first priority is processing DROS from sales; then they process LEGR.

I suggest you call the DOJ and ask if your LEGR is in the system. You should also get an estimated time line. I was very polite and informed them that I was scheduled to participate in a shoot. They were very generous and my LEGR took 14 days (my memory isn't what is once was...but it was quicker than expected).

Regarding the check, as a victim you shouldn't have to pay anything for the LEGR. But that is a question to put on the list.

As for getting your property back, I would talk with the property clerk. I also had a detective that was extremely helpful, but he had no idea about the processes related to property. Start talking with the people running the property room. I would also push them to return anything that is not a firearm. After several months of working on getting my property back, I showed up to pick up my guns and property, they informed me that they would not return any ammo (or loaded mags) "because it is illegal to transport ammo and guns in the same vehicle." This was after a couple of difficult hours of dealing with an idiot property clerk. My face must have showed my anger and frustration because the Sargent said he would make an "exception this time," before I could even say one word.

Good luck!

04-29-2010, 12:45 PM
I just did one around October last year. 6 weeks sounds about right. If it's just a little over a month, give it another couple weeks.

Also, since OP's firearm were stolen, get PD to supply proof that these were stolen and you are a crime victim then you don't have to pay for the LEGR fee.

04-30-2010, 9:10 AM
Thanks for the good info. I talked to a guy at the DOJ today. He said it would be about 6 weeks. Can't wait to get this back.

Funny timeline:
Time from Gun Stolen to recovered by police: about 3 months
Time needed to close a stolen property case: 7 months
Time needed to cut through red tape after case: 2 months

this makes the 10 day waiting period look like nothing

CWM4A1 - thanks.. you saved me $20 bucks.

04-30-2010, 9:45 AM
Glad I can help. Heck my case was a lot worse then you did:

Instead of funny, this was a FUBAR time line:
-Time from gun stolen to recovery by Anaheim PD: about 4 months, back in Y2K. Guy who had it in possession claim I "lend it" to him, yeah right.
-Time needed to close this case: About 3-4 months, because the dude plea-bargain his way out, I think he got 3-4 years in jail.
-Time needed to cut through the red-tape: 8 years. About 6 months after they recover my pistol (SIG P228), I contact Anaheim PD to see how do I get my gun back, they said I need to talk to the court. I called Central County Court, they said the case is being transfer to North County Court. I called North County and they said such file does not exist and advise I need to talk to DA, that's when I got fed up and figure "Screw this, I got better things to do" since the gun probably had 25K round through it before it got stolen. Than 9 years later, FULLERTON (NOT ANAHEIM) PD sent me a letter said they will destroy my gun if I don't respond in 30 days, that's when I file the LEGR.
-Than finally, the 6 weeks to get LEGR from DOJ.

No one recover my Kimber Pro Carry that got stolen along with my SIG...:(