View Full Version : First handgun, Glock 22

04-28-2010, 9:01 AM
So a little over a week and a half ago, I DROS'ed my first handgun, and like the title suggests, it was a Glock 22.

Considering the amount of helpful information I've found on this site as well my appreciation for other new Glock owner's stories, and my general excitement and desire just to share it with everyone, I figured I'd report on my experience so far.

First of all, it blew up! KABOOM! I didn't even touch it. It was just sitting there on the bench not even loaded and it burst into flames all by itself with a blast radius approximating 15km. Many lives were lost and it was tragic.

In all seriousness, I've taken it to range a total of 3 times now and shot 240 rounds, all flawlessly. Not a single fail to fire, fail to load, or any other problems what so ever. Though I have to say it wasn't until the third trip last night that I finally figured out how to hold the damn thing properly so I wasn't constantly shooting low. Thanks YouTube, for the 2 and a half minute video squaring that away for me!

The first trip was hell on my strong hand. Ended up going home with a sore wrist and a grip pattern embedded in my skin. The worst part about all that was targets looked like I was using a shotgun.

Second trip was a little better, but my stance and grip were still messed up. Went home with a sore wrist.

Third trip was great! The analogy of holding it like a greased egg (not light enough to let it slip out of your hand, but not so tight you break the shell) hit home, and there it was. I didn't have to keep throwing away my targets out of embarrassment anymore. And I even had the added bonus of not having a sore hand or wrist at all. Man, this is what it's all about!

I had such a great time last night. It's not that often you get to learn something new like this as an adult. Sure, there are plenty of skills we can learn over time, but I had the feeling last night when my grouping all just magically locked tight all of a sudden that brought me back to when I was a little kid. It was the feeling I remember having when I learned how to read, or write cursive, or when I discovered I was strong enough to crack a peanut open with my hands. It just "clicked" and it felt F'n awesome! I even put my gun on the bench a few times mid-mag in the middle of tight shot groups to see if I could pick it back up and continue shooting well, and damned if I did.

So, lots of thanks to this guy right here:

One thing I DID notice that I made sure to take a look at though, was the Glock 22 DEFINITELY produces some noticeable "brass bulge" from that whole unsupported chamber. I decided it wasn't anything to worry about though and shot on without thinking about it. On that note, I'd been reading the legends of exploding Glocks too much and actually let the stories mess up my grip on the second range trip. I kept putting my hands in places where I thought they'd be the least damaged on a catastrophic failure, but then shortly realized how asinine that was.

I liked this gun a lot when I bought it. Now that I can properly shoot it though, I LOVE it.