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04-28-2010, 9:01 AM
I wonder if you guys might have some info or can steer me in the right direction, as I haven't been able to locate some solid answers in the search mode.
My son in Idaho has a HK clone marked "SAR8 7.62MM, SPRINGFIELD ARMORY, Geneseo IL" on one side "SAR-8 SPORTER EBO GREECE, MADE IN GREECE, # 08XXX" on the other. The "8" doesn't look like an over stamp "3", the top circle of the 8 is smaller.
He says it has a pinned flash suppressor/muzzlebrake? (looks like it's attached to the barrel with splines, not threads, and is not flush with the muzzle), the furniture is green with a pistol grip, a wide forearm with vents above the channels for the bipod and vents down the center of the bottom, and the stock has a pivot swivel sling on the bottom, no other sling points or pin holes on the stock, black plastic buttplate (South African?).
We've haven't been able to locate anything with a set up like this. That's the way he recieved it from a private party.
He wants to bring here the next time he comes to visit (to torment me that he has one & I don't). What is it, and can he legally bring it to Kali, in your opinion, or should I wait till I get up there to see him?
Thanks, PAX

04-28-2010, 9:19 AM
The SAR-8 is good to go as long as there is a maglock on it. In fact, someone is selling one right now, so you can buy one before your son shows up and rub it in HIS face! ;)


04-28-2010, 10:05 AM
I BELIEVE he's right. The SAR 8 didn't make the list (Original Rooberti). There'ye sweet guns-- IIRC they are actually true HK weapons that were licenced to Springfield to Build from parts (HK parts) that were stamped here in the US. An HK expert could probablly tell you more and whereever I'm wrong/right.

04-28-2010, 2:05 PM
correct, The SAR-8 is California legal. The ones that are made in greece are also vastly superior to the later US made ones that featured a cast reciever. The ones like yours are virtually true HKs as they were made by HK trained workers in an HK licensed plant. A maglock is required for these, Raddlock makes a good one. Good luck with a great rifle.

06-27-2010, 11:11 PM
First, I believe as stated, as long as you put a mag lock on it, and correct me if I'm wrong, it must also have a max capacity of a ten round mag installed also, not a 20, that's a No No in a fixed magazine rifle..

Follow the flow chart

I have a over stamp SAR 8, and when it was new, it came with a Bell and Carlson thumb hole stock, I have heard but never confirmed that some of the over stamps with the thumb hole stocks were also shipped with the original military style stock in the box, but mine did not have it, but I did purchase mine used, but still unfired new in the box. it also came with the wide green HK91 style forearm that had been painted black, but it had the metal tangs for attaching the Bi Pod ground off, and the big lump muzzle brake, but other than that it was exactly like a SAR3 or HK91 for that matter. as mentioned earlier, the early Greece SAR8's are near if not identical copys to HK91"s , I compared my 8 to my brother in laws HK91, and we could not tell any difference other than the stampings, and his rifle was a bit darker grayish black

I believe your son's rife barrel is threaded like mine, the splines he see's are below the threads, see pic of my SAR8 barrel, mine originally had a big lump, I called it a Potato brake, threaded on then a pin installed, you could not see the threads of course, but you could see the splines.

After replacing the necessary number of foreign parts to US made parts, The stock as well as the Potato brake was removed by simply using Vise grips to turn it off, the pin was very shallow in the groves, and it just twisted right off, It was replaced it with a Muzzle brake that looks like a G3/HK91 flash suppressor. very nice product .

Good source for US HK parts,

I have also seen later SAR8's with fake F/S installed, it had the same shape as orig, but it had no slots , just solid.

Man I used to have some great links about SAR8's but lost them in my last computer crash, a bit of SAR8 history.

Pic of an overstamp, it's only overstamped on one side, it's obvious, the other side was stamped SAR8 when the first and only SAR3 stamp was re stamped.