04-27-2010, 5:30 PM
this was my grandfathers pistol found it at my parents house and my parents gave it to me.Want to get it reblued is it worth it.The gun shoots great.

07-18-2010, 9:43 PM
No, keep it original

07-18-2010, 10:02 PM
That is one beautiful old pistol! What cal is it?

07-19-2010, 12:45 PM
if you re-blue it ....it will loose its old school coolness

Big Shrek
07-19-2010, 4:38 PM
If you plan on shooting the heck out of it...reblue it, it'll have an older look after a few years.

If it's just gonna sit in a safe, let it be.

I'd grab some custom grips, nickel-plate it, and shoot the stuffings out of it ;)

I've got a 1940 High Standard Model B which is about to be Gold-plated.
The bluing has had it, has a buncha scratches...so no real collector value,
so it's no harm to have some fun with it ;)

07-21-2010, 8:29 PM
Risen from the threads of the dead...
I have a Dura-matic 101 in 22R, 6 1/2" barrel, that has been a safe queen since 1980. Made aprox. 1964. Serial no 1370xxx. Excellent condition. 99% blue. Not a scratch other than slight slide wear on the blue. With the original "Hunter" holster. I've shot it a few times, maybe 50 rnds.(My 1911 is my weapon of choice to carry) and I am wondering if I should shoot her or just keep her safe as she was purchased well before registration was required in Ca. Any idea of her value? Should I shoot this one?

Chris, Why do you need to reblue that pistol? It looks in great shape for a 40 yr old gun...
Keep it as is.

09-07-2010, 10:54 AM
My neighbor has one of these. When he got it the grips were missing so he made his own. They look good. Gun is pretty tore up appearance wise but it shoots straight.

09-07-2010, 12:32 PM
These are listed on Gunbroker and only one has a bid at $155

188205878 HIGH STANDARD .22 / M-101 / DURA-MATIC / MFG. 1967 1 $155.00 3d 3h +

186992141 High Standard Dura-Matic M-101 .22LR 6.5" Barrel 0 $275.00 18h 6m +
187080262 gi-18769 High Standard Duramatic M-101, 22LR w/box 0 $379.00 23h 40m +
188395163 High Standard Dura-Matic M-101 22 LR Pistol 0 $325.00 1d 2h +
188590446 High Standard M-101 Dura-Matic 22 pistol 0 $200.00 2d 3h +
188671835 High Standard Dura Matic 0 $270.00 2d 21h +
189034389 High Standard Duramatic 0 $100.00 4d 21h +
189126902 High Standard Dura-Matic M 101 THE PLINKER hi 22 0 $310.00 5d 5h +
189298561 High Standard Dura Matic Hi Standard 0 $400.00 9d 4h +
189084283 High Standard Dura-matic 22 LR 0 $295.00 12d 4h +

12-27-2010, 2:54 PM
I have a Duramatic as well - they are good little guns, but don't bring much $ (shh - don't tell anyone)

BTW, I bought a brand-new 6" Hi-Standard barrel for mine from Numrich Arms a few years ago, don't know if any are left. You can remove the barrel in about 10 seconds...