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04-27-2010, 5:19 PM
Hey there,
I'm looking to get a Sig P226 in 9mm. Either in all stainless or two tone.
Whats the going rate for one of these NIB with a few magazines?
Is it better to get one used?
I'm in L.A. and would appreciate any info about shops in the area.

Thank you in advance for your help.


04-27-2010, 8:12 PM
Here is my price report, as I just got one (like 2 days ago).

P226r Navy - 3 mags, Navy logo, case, lock - $820 (that is what I got)
P226 BTFO - 3 mags, night sights installed, front slide serrations - $930
Used P226 - $550-600 in San Diego. But had HEAVY wear (check my other posts for how to look at the wear/tear from Flock post on SigForum.com)

yzernie here on CalGuns has some great prices and is in the High Desert Area. Closer to you than me (San Diego).

I would check with him on price, but it was a great price.

Hope that helps!

04-27-2010, 8:18 PM
+1 on yzernie and welcome to CalGuns!