View Full Version : ARs: Benefit of a Custom Builder?

04-26-2010, 1:52 PM
What is it that a premium rifle builder provides in an AR15 or AR10 rifle that I can not do myself, assuming I have access to the same quality parts the custom builder does? Does a specific combination of parts really make that much difference? Could it be they can trial fit examples of a part with examples of another part for best fit? Maybe customize some parts for what they know will deliver superior accuracy?

I built my AR15 for top accuracy, using high quality parts, proper tools, and careful assembly, measuring things such as receiver squareness to barrel face, etc. It has delivered five shots in a .5" group at 100 yards using inexpensive ammo. Is there more to be had using a custom builder? Is the key to AR accuracy more part about quality, the matching of parts, assembly, modifications, tuning, or...?

I am proceeding ahead with an AR10 build, and am not convinced that a custom built upper will be any more accurate than the one I would build using a Krieger barrel and JP Rifles free float tube.

- Phil