View Full Version : Anaheim Calgunners please call our reps for AB1810 and AB2223

04-26-2010, 10:06 AM
Just talk to the offices of my Assembly Representative Jose Solorio, Called the Anaheim Field office and Sacramento office. Voice my opposition on the two bills and ask Jose Solorio stance on the bill, since He is in the Assembly Appropriations Committee and voting on Wednesday. According to the Sacramento Legislative Director Ania Garbian She has not briefed the Representative of both bills. So his stance on both bills are unknown, sounds like a last minute read and taught for our rights:rolleyes:, She will give me a call when She briefs the Bill to the Representative.

Most calls and emails have been in opposition of both bills, keep the pressure on, looks like our district is Pro RKBA.... let's hope he listens to the voice of His Constituents and not his own.

People I talked to:

Sacramento Office:

Milissa Peterson- Intern

Ania Garbien- Legislative Director (916) 319-2069

Anaheim Office:

Hubert Nguyen- Office Assistant

Jessica Guitierez- Case Worker/ Field Rep

Member District Number and Office Capitol Office

Norby, Chris 72 210 West Birch Street State Capitol
Suite 202 Room 5126
Brea, CA 92821 Sacramento, CA
(714) 672-4734 94249-0072
(916) 319-2072

Solorio, Jose 69 2400 E. Katella Avenue State Capitol
Suite 640 Room 2013
Anaheim, CA 92806 Sacramento, CA
(714) 939-8469 94249-0069
(916) 319-2069

Tran, Van 68 1503 South Coast Drive State Capitol
Suite 205 Room 4130
Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Sacramento, CA
(714) 668-2100 94249-0068
(916) 319-2068

Silva, Jim 67 17011 Beach Blvd State Capitol
Suite 570 Room 2170
Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Sacramento, CA
(714)843-4966 94249-0067
(916) 319-2067


04-26-2010, 10:23 AM
Jim Silva is our friend. I am not sure of the others.

04-26-2010, 10:32 AM
Just got a Flyer from Van Tran, He is running for U.S. Congress in November. Has anybody contacted him? He is from Costa Mesa, Westminster, NewPort, Garden Grove Area. He sounds Conservative on taxes and pro business, but as far as RKBA i dunno...