View Full Version : Ruger Deerfield

04-26-2010, 7:30 AM
I just bought a Ruger Deerfield over the weekend, never fired but no box - rings, instruction & warranty card. Have always wanted the little 44 semi rifle so I bought on a bit of an impulse, didn't notice it's basically a Mini 14 in 44 Magnum caliber - I was thinking it was just the old 44 semi with a detach mag. Anyone else got one, likes & dislikes? I'm assuming jacketed 240 grain works fine.

The gun came with a little sleeve for the scope, supposedly protects it from ejecting brass - is this really needed? I think it looks bad, don't want to use unless necessary.

BTW (here's a plug) since it hasn't been bought yet (and I have to pay for the above rifle) if anyone's interested in the bolt version mine's still @ City Arms - mention Calguns & he'll drop price $50.00.