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04-24-2010, 10:44 AM
Right; 1 just; morally or socially correct 2 true; correct; not mistaken.
The people; Persons composing a community, tribe, race, nation, etc.
To keep; 1 have continuous charge of; retain possession of; save or hold on to. 2 retain possession of;
Bear; 1 carry, transport, convey, move, take, deliver, bring. 2 have, carry, show, hold, exhibit, display.
Arms; a weapon. Firearm.
Shall not be
Infringer; 1 act contrary to; violate (a law, an oath, etc.). B act in defiance of (another’s rights, etc.).
Violate, contravene, break, transgress, overstep; flout, disregard, ignore, defy, challenge.

We are a Nation of laws, law made of words, to understand the laws, we must read the words, the second Amendment is only 27 words, but words, at this point in time, do us little good, as we see more laws, to violate our laws and our rights. Who is this Brady, which they should act in defiance of our laws, and does not every LEO take an oath to uphold and defend the supreme law of this land? So why is it, that 27 words of the bill of rights, are not upheld by those who took an oath to do so? 27 words that were to be the supreme law of this land. We should not have to ask for our right, but demand them, rights are not granted or given, rather, they belong to the People and they are ours for taking. For to long now, has this Brady overstepped our rights, and for too long we have let him, but no more, we have the right to demand that this law of 27 words be upheld, and to those that we make this demand of, have taken an oath to do so, it is time that they stand by that oath, or be removed for their defiance of our laws.