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04-23-2010, 5:29 PM
First up is my Saiga 12, purchased from Cadiz Gun Works, the only repair shop for saiga's in america, and they do a 15 point inspection before selling there shotguns so there is no need to worry about getting a "vodka special" from Ivan. The fire control holes were plugged with black nylon hole covers and look like rivets. I have had it to the range once with around 150 rounds fired, ran about 95% reliable with cheap walmart federal and winchester birdshot, which is damn good for a saiga12's first outing, espescially considering that most saiga 12's have big problems cycling cheap walmart federal birdshot. Also, the full choke turned this gun into a clay killing machine. I have only had this thing for a few months, while it is the funnest shotgun I have ever shot, I really want to build a 556 AR and need some money for it.


I paid $950 for the shotgun, asking $950 because I would rather sell the whole package.
Comes with a Saiga 5 round magazine, cleaning rod, bore brush, Saiga factory thread cover, factory oil bottle, factory cleaning kit with jags.

I paid the following for each.

TDIarms AG-47 Grip 30

Vortex Strikefire 140

Belarussian sidemount 50

AGP 10 round magazine 30

Winchoke adapter with full choke 70

Recoil Buffer 10

Bringing the total I paid for everything to $1280, Asking $1200 for everything.

Remington 700 VLS in .204 Ruger with heavy barrel and laminated stock, less than 100 rounds fired, includes Leupold scope base, rings, and BSA Platinum 6-24x44 Adjustable Objective Scope.
Asking $900 . This is my brother-in-law’s rifle and I am posting it here for him, and it’s in great shape. He also has a few boxes of ammo for it, I will update that later.


located in Santa Clarita, willing to do the transfer at Independent Armament Company.

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Free bump for one of my favorite shotgungs

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nice 700

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If you shoot Paul with the Saiga only Ringo will be left.