View Full Version : Your favorite cartridge and load for long range hunting and shooting...details inside

Super Spy
04-23-2010, 2:45 PM
It's nice to have a friendly debate on Calguns that doesn't involve pot or politics......interestingly as long as you avoid these topics they can be very civil, unlike a lot of other debates around these parts.

I started a thread on what's your favorite cartridge for C&R rifles, favorite cartridge....What and Why? (http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=263766&page=2) then came up with this idea and it was pointed out this should be it's own thread, so here go:

Pick your favorite cartridge to best achieve the stated objectives. It must have seen widespread use at some time, no wildcats, nothing new, classic hard hitting long range cartridges. Military cartridges typify what I after here.

Describe the load you would use for the following two scenarios, you must include the base cartridge, the bullet, the powder (grains and type), and primer:

1) Hunting Elk. Assume you are going for the biggest trophy animal you can find in an area with lots of open space so you could be looking at 600 yard shots. You can shoot any rifle you own, retrofitting a scope is fine (clearly one that doesn't require drilling the receiver unless your name is Bubba)

2) 1000 yard shooting match. You have ten 8" diameter steel targets to shoot, they are all 1000 yards away, some may be uphill or downhill and none of them are arranged side by side. You get two shots at each target scoring one point for each hit. The targets auto reset after a hit.

Two contests, one of good range and knock down power, one of long range precision, what are you bringing to the table, and why are you going to win? You may use different loads for each scenario, using the same base cartridge is encouraged. You need not use a cartridge from the poll. No over the top massive blasters allowed either, ie 50BMG, 20mm, 408 Cheytac, 416 Lapua, something I can find chambered in a '40's vintage battle rifle or older.

Thanks for participating!