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04-23-2010, 5:55 AM
He is willing to stand up against his own party in support of our best interests. Here is what he has done lately.

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Please find below our press release (http://ems.raisedigital.com/ct/4165846:6187680590:m:1:172481019:1D731CA55C068BA7A 5C26343197BEE66) on Chuck DeVore's standing as the sole CA Assembly Republican to vote against the confirmation of State Senator Abel Maldonado as California's Lieutenant Governor.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- (SACRAMENTO) – California State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, (R-70-Irvine), today spoke out against the backroom deals involved in the effort to confirm state Senator Abel Maldonado as California’s Lieutenant Governor. He then voted against the motion to confirm Maldonado and urged other lawmakers to do the same. DeVore cited Maldonado’s vote for the higher taxes included in 2009’s Proposition 1A in exchange for an agreement by the Governor and Democrat leaders to place Proposition 14, the open primary measure that infringes upon the rights of partisan voters to choose their party’s nominee, on the June 2010 ballot as key reasons he should not serve as Lieutenant Governor.

DeVore stood as the sole Assembly Republican to oppose Maldonado’s confirmation, which passed on a 54-20 vote.

“The backroom deals brokered to arrange this vote demonstrate exactly why California’s government is so dysfunctional,” stated DeVore. “The bartering that began with Maldonado’s agreement to vote for new taxes in exchange for an open primary ballot measure has now ended with Speaker John Perez’s commitment to confirm him if Governor Schwarzenegger blocked legislators’ pay cuts. What we’re seeing is a complete absence of leaders who are willing to make decisions based upon on the merits of an issue, rather than whether it benefits them personally or politically.”

Leisa Brug Kline, DeVore for California campaign manager, said, "When the Prop 1A tax-hike deal was being pushed through the Assembly in early 2009 -- with the approval of Tom Campbell, among others -- only Chuck DeVore had the courage to stand up and pay a price to oppose it. He resigned as the Assembly's Minority Whip, and helped lead the successful opposition to what would have been a disastrous blow to California's economy and households. Today, he stood up again as the lone Republican in the Assembly to oppose the ascent to high office of one of the key architects of that failed tax hike. That's who Chuck DeVore is: a man of principle first."

Joshua Treviño, DeVore for California communications director, said, "Of course Chuck DeVore stood tall for what's right. That's what he always does. If he's this stalwart in the California State Assembly, just wait till he's in the United States Senate."

The DeVore for California campaign is online at ChuckDeVore.com.

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