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big red
04-22-2010, 10:34 PM
Questions raised regarding Arizona constitutional carry - Part 2
April 21, 7:05 PMPhoenix Gun Rights Examiner Douglas Little

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As promised in the previous article about Arizona's new constitutional carry law, I have received a few questions and have provided the answers here:

When carrying a firearm in a vehicle under the new law, will the firearm need to be holstered? No, the firearm does not need to be holstered.
When carrying a firearm in a vehicle under the new law, can the firearm be anywhere in the vehicle or does it need to be in the glove compartment and in a holster? Under current law, most advise that the gun be holstered and secured in a storage compartment when transporting it in a vehicle. Under the new law, you will be able to have the firearm anywhere in the vehicle you might wish to have it.
How do we know what NRA courses qualify under the new law? Under the new law, a person may satisfy the training requirement for a concealed carry permit by the completion of any NRA firearms safety or training course.
Will the new law hurt reciprocity for Arizona CCW permit holders? No. Reciprocity in another state requires that the person actually have a CCW permit issued by their state of residence. As long as the training requirement for the Arizona permit remains the substantially the same as it is now, there will be no issue with reciprocity.
For those that are curious about exactly what will satisfy the training requirement for the Arizona CCW Permit under the new law, there will be a lot more choices. Here is the list of ways to satisfy the training requirement:

Completion of any firearms training program that is approved by AZ DPS and is conducted by DPS authorized instructors
Completion of any firearms safety or training course that is available to the general public and is offered by a law enforcement agency, junior college, college, private or public institution, academy, organization or firearms school that is approved by AZ DPS
Completion of an AZ Game and Fish approved Hunter Safety or Hunter Education course
Completion of any NRA firearms safety or training course
Applicant can provide evidence of current military service or proof of honorable discharge or general discharge under honorable conditions
Applicant can present a valid current or expired concealed weapons, firearms or handgun permit issued by any state that has a training or testing requirement for initial issuance of that permit
Completion of any governmental police agency firearms training course and qualification to carry a firearm in the course of normal police duties
Completion of any law enforcement or firearms safety course that is offered for security guards, investigators, special deputies or other divisions or subdivisions of law enforcement or security enforcement that is approved by the AZ DPS
Completion of any other firearms training that the AZ DPS deems acceptable.
Bottom line? If you do want to get the permit, there will be lots of different ways to satisfy the training requirement. Applicants will still have to submit an application, fingerprint card and the appropriate fees to apply. They will also still be required to undergo a criminal background check.

To get answers to any questions regarding concealed carry in Arizona, you can also take advantage of a resource called the Arizona CCW Guide. This website has over 200 articles about the various aspects of concealed carry law and the ins and outs of concealed carry in Arizona. If you can't find the information you are looking for, you can also just ask a question on the site and get an answer by return email.

The website is located at: http://www.arizonaccwguide.com

In the interest of full disclosure, the website is authored by me and is a free service to the concealed carry community in Arizona.