View Full Version : Ruger SR-556 Brand New!!!

04-22-2010, 8:49 AM
Ruger SR-556

will sell rifle
5 magazines
EOTech Holographic Sight
foreward grip
Tactical 3-Point Sling

all for $ 2,700.00 plus transfer fees

4 level gas piston rifle w/ flip up sights and quad-rail

Rifle is like new, about 100 rounds fired through it, bought it a few weeks ago, turns out i can't afford it and need to sell it quick, willing to negotiate price, i'm willing to drive within a 50 mi radius of the SF bay area to make sale, beyond that your gonna have to come to me.

If you want pictures please email me.

please contact me at camybarra@msn.com OR (925) 878 9970
if you are interested