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Eat Dirt
04-21-2010, 9:03 AM
Hey Guys .. I need a little help on this one

A good friend of mine dropped buy with his " New" Garand he bought from a 'City" Boy
Turns out to be a '42 Springfield Blank Gun / But NOT the kind that CMP sells .This one has No welds and I put in my dummy rounds in the En-block clip and everything worked fine .Eject rounds .Eject mag... trigger . Firing pin great
The blank tube that threads on the end of the barrel was a bugger to get off but when I did and used the bore snake thru it .It looked great
Of course the gass plug screw will not turn

Not a bad buy for $ 300 ...........................

Ouestion ::::
What will he need to make this a shooter again ??

Heres a few pictures




04-21-2010, 9:34 AM
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Eat Dirt
04-21-2010, 9:42 AM
Dead links to photos. Try using the <IMG tag code to put the photos in-line with the post.

Thanks .... I fixed it ..

Sorry about the stuff in the background
Just got back from one of the local canyons and brought back some Trash and Brass

04-21-2010, 10:20 AM
I think you have a standard gas port type barrel. I do not believe it is modified. Since you are unable to remove the gas cylinder lock screw from the gas cylinder... here's what I think the minimum you would need.

Remove the blank firing adapter from the threads and store it away. Get a replacement, type 2 (gas port), gas cylinder. Get a replacement gas cylinder lock -- it screws onto the barrel threads. Get a new gas cylinder lock screw (sometimes called the gas plug) -- it goes through a ring in the gas cylinder lock and holds the gas cylinder and gas cylinder lock in alignment and its treads screw into the gas cylinder.

The reason your gas cylinder lock screw appears to stick out so far and your barrel threads are exposed is because the gas cylinder lock has been deleted to permit the blank firing adapter to screw onto the barrel threads. Your gas cylinder is probably correct, but is useless if you cannot get the gas cylinder lock screw out of it.

This kit has what I think you need --

These parts might be hard to find elsewhere as the CMP has few Garand parts and gunparts corp has few also. But, you might check their websites.

You might be able to save the gas cylinder at the expense of the gas cylinder lock screw (plug) -- but the gas cylinder condition, op rod and gas piston are often the source of short cycling, so a new gas cylinder wouldn't be a bad idea anyway. If you could save the gas cylinder -- all you might need is a gas cylinder lock and gas cylinder lock screw. They make an adjustable gas cylinder lock screw (it has a vent in it) that can be adjusted should you wish to use other than M2 Ball.

such as: http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=20456/Product/ADJUSTABLE_GAS_SYSTEM

or: http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=1538/Product/M1_GARAND_ADJUSTABLE_GAS_SYSTEM

04-21-2010, 3:58 PM
Pour some bore cleaner down the gas cylinder behind the gas plug and let it sit overnight. I bet it has a build up of carbon from firing blanks and will not let the plug unscrew. Put the gas cylinder in a vise and carefully remove the plug, the threads are very fine. Also remove the rear hand guard and check for a weld between the receiver and the barrel if you have not already. Very common for blank guns, and if it has been done I would not shoot it. Good luck and nice rifle.

Eat Dirt
04-28-2010, 10:06 PM
Hey guys Thanks for all the good advice

Really it all helped
First the stock has the crossed cannons mark on it with the letters S.A. on it
True Springfield..

I took the gas tube off and sprayed it inside and out with W-D 40 them soak in Hoppe's
That did the trick ...Put the gas cly. wraped in a soft rag into a vice . I got the gas plug out with a little work / No Damage to threads
I didn't see any welds anywhere on barrel as asked so it looks like it's good to go

So at this point it looks like all he'll need is a Gas cly. lock and another gas plug ( It got a little buggered up from the vice grips )

04-28-2010, 10:17 PM
looks like you got a reenacting gun.