View Full Version : DROS, P2P Tranfer and the "list"

02-24-2006, 9:58 AM
question for all you FFL inclinded folks.
i'm trying to confirm the following:

i've DROS'd some off-list lowers that are being shipped to me. they have not arrived at my FFL. i want to sell 1 of the lowers to a chap. for fear that the list might change on monday, we'd like to get this all taken care of on sunday.

can i do a p2p transfer with the chap even tho the lower has not arrived? i did not have to list any serial numbers during my initial DROSing process, so i'm not sure what the implications are....but we'd like to get the chap DROS'd and do the p2p this weekend if it is kosher.

thanks in advance!!!


02-24-2006, 11:01 AM
I wouldn't listen to anything said on this forum, I would talk to your FFL. He/she should be knowledgable in the laws and they will know what they are willing to do for you more than I would. As far as them getting listed Monday, the odds are unlikely. We have determined that more than likely Friday will be the day of listing as that is the day the Code of Regulations is updated.

Talk to your FFL directly if you want to know what your FFL will do.

Me personally, I wouldn't be too inclined to start a PPT on a firearm I didn't have. I guess it doesn't matter much, but I just wouldn't be too excited about it. I most certainly would want your DROS fee up front and if something went sour, you wouldn't be getting that back because I wouldn't get it back from MCI either.