View Full Version : Computer Consulting: Small-to-mid-sized projects

04-18-2010, 8:25 PM
After 23 years in the commercial software business I am out on the street
looking for work here in SoCal. I have reduced the manpower needs
of the commercial print business so much that it no longer needs to be
reduced, so my software skills can now be used elsewhere.

Need project management, design, coding or documentation for projects
from a man-week to a man year? Can do. The software I have worked
on is used to create a billion finished product a month, so high-reliablity
and volume production is not a problem.

Yes, this is a gun board and I like firearms stuff too. Metal work is no
problem, either. Neither is wood work!

Yes, I can qualify for high-security work in aerospace and law enforcement.

See my details at

Know anybody that wants to take $500,000,000 business from IBM,
specifically in the AFP high-volume transactional printing area? Send
me a PM.