View Full Version : Scope Mount for 91/30 ?

04-16-2010, 9:21 PM
I found an old Weaver #1 Detachable side mount while getting rid of some clutter. Said to myself WTH? Then I remembered I picked this mount up awhile back on Ebay.

The genesis of thought was from this guy.

Think I will follow thru and take the 91/30 to a Gunsmith and have it Drilled and tapped/installed.

Then a swept bolt from the Boltman or the other guy on Ebay. This will put the scope in a Conventional position.

Anyone tried this? The mount. Thoughts?

Not into the scout thingy. And a PU mount sits kinda high.
This will dismount via the 2 slotted thumbscrews.

Just wondered if anyone on here has done this and had any issues, before I get it drilled out?

Probably not since it is an Odd mount for the Mosin. Blasphemy to some.