View Full Version : So close yet so far

04-12-2010, 6:58 AM
Well went up tot he tehema wildlife area over the weekend. I went to a spot that opening weekend someone had shot a turkey. Called for a little while and didnt hear or see anything. I moved a little further down the road heading toward a creek and called once and hear a gobble. I got my decoys set up and got into position. Called a couple more times and boy was this bird gobbling his head off. After about 15 minutes he came into an area where I could see him. he was about 100 yards away. He started working his way up the hill toward me and got to about 75 yards (50 yards from my decoys) and something spooked him. He took off to the right. He had about 9 other turkeys with him that kept their distance. They all ran off through someones private property and over a ridge. He was so close yet so far. :(

04-12-2010, 7:23 AM
Sounds like a great time. Better luck next time.