View Full Version : Faint serial number

02-18-2006, 8:33 PM
I bought a new unlisted lower. However, the serial number on the lower is barely readable because it is so faint. I'm concerned about this causing me a problem in the future. What are the legal ways stamp/etch/etc. the serial number again so it is readable? Do I have to send it back to the manufacturer, or can a gunsmith do it? Thanks.

02-18-2006, 9:33 PM
You can send it back to the manufacturer and see if they'll restamp it heavier.

You can restamp that serian number someplace else, like under the original one, but stamping over the existing ones, especially with different dies would look fishy, and probably get you into trouble. Light serial numbers, even barely visible are still legal. As long as you can see it, I wouldn't be worried.