View Full Version : MAK 90 - on the list?

02-18-2006, 6:24 PM
hi there chaps,
well, my budd, whom i'm trying to convince to buy one of my stripped lower "off-list" receivers, and is hessitating b/c he has a whole arsenal in his closet...............

......has a MAK 90 that i remember shooting circa 1996. i know for a fact that his mags are 30 rounds which are illegal.

....but is the MAK 90 illegal as well? does anyone have the link to the DOJ's most recent AW banned page so i can see if it is actually on there? i'm not really familiar w/ this rifle so i don't know if it just has a lower he can destroy or if he needs to "get-rid" of the whole darn thing.

any links you can provide would be most helpful. i've done searches for 12276 but have not found what i'm looking for.


02-18-2006, 7:08 PM
You mean Jan 1, 2000. If you purchased high capacity mags on or before Dec 31, 1999 you can legally keep them