View Full Version : Fabarms FP6: Questions & Parts

04-08-2010, 9:12 AM
Brightspot Pawn had one of these for a while that I had been eyeing so I put her on layaway yesterday.

props to Dan & Jeff real genuine guys that love their guns.

Now as with any new firearm purchase the search for parts. and for this girl its going to be a similar effort like the empire had looking for the rebel base on Hoth.

Anyone have a source for accessories? I know its a crap shoot.


-This was the regular model so im looking for a new foregrip.

-the length between the barrel and the shell tube is about 6 inches, so im assuming thats the 3 shot extension? Midway had 1 yesterday and now they're sold out? guess ill wait on that one.

-side saddle? anything else?

05-05-2010, 9:18 PM
Ended up answering my own question,

The shooting edge,


they're canadian and are the Fabarms importers for North America. nice guys.