View Full Version : WTS Aimpoint M3 (2moa) with Larue LT-129 Cantilever Mount ***SOLD Pending Trade****

04-06-2010, 5:43 AM
For sale is an Aimpoint Comp M3 (2 MOA) with LaRue LT-129 Cantilever Mount. Optic is less then a year old. Mount is less then 4 months old. Both are in pristine condition. Included are Lens Covers, Rubber Cover, Original Box and Original Manual. Looking to sell this optic to fund another build.

$550 shipped. PayPal Only either Discreet "Gift" option or if normal Paypal add 3.5%.

***SOLD Pending Trade****

West Los Angeles (willing to do FTF if in LA)

A new M3 will run $562 see here Brownels CompM3_4MOA (http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/sid=49980/sku/CompM3_4MOA) and a new LT 129 will run $140 see here Larue Tactical LT129 (http://stores.homestead.com/Laruetactical/Detail.bok?no=37).

$562 + $140 = $702

$702 - $550 = $152 Is what you can save which does not include Tax and Shipping when buying both the M3 and LT-129 new.


04-06-2010, 10:18 PM
if it falls threw, are you interested in a AA target 1911 .22 conversion?
i would give you this:
plus $150 cash...