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04-05-2010, 6:34 PM
Pulled due to typo.
I apologize even again as I had pulled this long ago but seems I didn't save the changes... Figures I would pull another one...
Very sorry guys. I won't even attempt to repeat what I had said and explained originally. It was all about doing the right thing, and believe that I did.
The Tango is no longer available at this time.
My apologizes to those who should receive one...

04-05-2010, 6:42 PM
your link is broken. If it's a stubby its mine.

04-05-2010, 6:55 PM
i'll take it :)

i've been meaning to get one of these

04-06-2010, 1:03 PM
Well, I don't know what constitutes it as a stubby, not that familar and will have to honor mlatino if it is. (I don't think it is though) If it could be as easy as sending me how long it should be I will figure this out.
I believe it will be going to 'shock'.

04-06-2010, 1:11 PM
Fixed Link (http://s76.photobucket.com/albums/j3/69FLH/Tango%20Down/)


04-06-2010, 3:42 PM
it's not going to work out.

regardless of the price, i don't think it's fair or reasonable to increase the selling price 50% , AFTER several messages, address, and paypal have already been exchanged.

04-06-2010, 11:09 PM
Not the price nor not taking the time to check on information to first inquirers, just sell to someone who says they will take it. or when the buyer turns down ftf offer to see what he's buying, instead insists on paying with Paypal then they usually have the courtesty or paying for the 3.5% charge also not expect he seller to. I believe I will just leave it at that other than the 50% increase nothing but 99.9% pure embellishment. I don't have the energy for this. It was an unforturnate situation that I tried to correct with screwing myself because of a typo. Also my fault... I have apologized plenty of times to those others concerned. I still have not learned how to unring bells.

04-07-2010, 7:18 AM
in the original ad, you stated that you would ship, and no where was i required to inspect it ftf.

$25 plus $5 shipping, and $1 paypal fees = $31

$25 plus $10 (markup after the fact) plus $5 shipping plus $2 paypal = your price.

i never refused to pay any of the paypal fees, never offered anything less than your original offer, and have followed up consistently.

and as far as i can tell, you do know how to edit the original post so i don't really understand what happened

04-07-2010, 2:21 PM
and as far as i can tell, you do know how to edit the original post so i don't really understand what happened

I know what happened, he made a mistake and mistyped the price.
You seem intent on stating that this was not the case.
Do you have any reason or proof to back up claims that he is lying about it being a mistake?

Believe it or not, people make typing errors every day.

04-07-2010, 2:23 PM
I have not edited anything as you claim. I suppose posting the PM's of ourj 'discussion' could shed some truth on all of this....

04-07-2010, 2:24 PM
Let's see,.. what I could do here is post a copy of all the cut and pasted PM between the parties involved, including the first responder before you. Or I could just simply say, A to B, that there was a typo that I did not notice until it had gotten to the point in the transaction that it did with the comment stating that the typo was that it was suppose to have been listed at $35.00 and not $25.00. I would hope to beleive that most of the folks on here that are following this droll would tend to believe this as the first price is understandably low for a Tango Down grip that is basically still brand new. Even at $35.00 I would think that still low. I simply asked you for a total of $42.00 including the shipping. At my discretion, not you telling me how much it will cost to ship and state so in a PM. Or that I should not take the time to research if this is a Stubby that the first responder had made claim to the grip if it was such, but to quote "if they don't act on it asap - as in send you a pm, confirm that they'll get it for sure, etc... then i don't think you can be faulted for selling to a confirmed buyer willing to fork over the $$$

after all, these people claim dibs, and then never follow up, and then whine about not having been sold the item."

I was doing for him what I would do for ANY of the folks that replied as I have been treated with the same kindness here many times. You said after your first off center comments to me to "thank you, have a nice day, and goodluck with your sale".
I expected that to be the end of it. It was not a 50% increase as you state in a public post, but only the $10 mistake that I had made. As with most PayPal transactions, the 'buyer' will pay the 3.5% and sometimes stated 4% fees. I never mentioned Paypal but that I would ship is all. Nothing about type of payment or conditions. I also usually decide on my own what I will charge to ship something, not be dictated to or mildly suggested to how much I should be charging for such service as follows:

it should all fit in the small usps box or the fixed rate envelop, right?

that is like $4.90 or something

let me know if i should sent payment!

i think i'd rather avoid the pain of traffic and commuting for a few bucks
The ftf was offered only as you and I are not that far from one another and is much simpler. Well in most cases I believe. However, nowhere did I ever specify that it was mandatory that it be ftf or anything alluding to the same.

The bottom line here is that I took the time to see if the first responder to the ad would be getting what he was looking for before moving onto the second person. There were others that showed interest as well. Now if I have broken any of the rules or regulation of the site, then my apologizes yet again. If there is any action that would be taken for the indiscretion, so be it. However, an accurate accounting of what took place has been finally stated in a short and to the point version from my account of the transgression of the error of my ad and what it caused.
Everyone can view it for what they believe. I

04-07-2010, 4:56 PM
I know what happened, he made a mistake and mistyped the price.
You seem intent on stating that this was not the case.
Do you have any reason or proof to back up claims that he is lying about it being a mistake?

Believe it or not, people make typing errors every day.

i just felt like it's a bait and switch, after all those pm's exchanged.

and then he says i asked him to "screw" the other buyer, when i informed him what usually transpires in my buy/sell experience - phantom offers , dibs not followed through, etc.

and then he thinks i'm going to neglect to pay the associated paypal fees for some reason.


i rescind my offer, and posted the reasons for doing so.

ok, so it's a 48% increase from the original price.
it's still very cheap.
but at this point, not emotionally satisfying.

i too can post up the pm's in an easy to follow format if that's allowed, in context, without editorializing.

04-07-2010, 5:25 PM
So we go from bait and switch to shuck and jive... Still insisting on a typo being an increase,
Post away shock, just remember not to us the "lessons you learned from me on how to change and edit posts" begore loading them up for the folks to see.
Kestryll knows the score and see all and exactly what happened, the order, and what was said, and maybe more important, what was NOT said...
NUFF SAID already...

04-07-2010, 5:29 PM
Cheese and rice! All this over a VFG? Oi Vah!!

04-07-2010, 6:14 PM
apathy at its best

04-07-2010, 6:17 PM
ditto that above.