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No codes, combinations or sequences to remember because your fingerprint is all it takes to gain access.

Biometric (fingerprint) safe.

Use the INPRINT Biometric Safe to protect your valuables including important documents, firearms and jewelry. It allows for quick access and a higher level of security.

The INPRINT is easy to set-up and even easier to use. There are no codes, combinations or sequences to remember. There are no keys to fumble with in the dark. A simple touch on the raised, easy to locate finger pad is all it takes to gain access. A spring loaded door opens reliably over and over in under one second.

The INPRINT is battery powered with power saving sensor to provide maximum battery life. In the event of battery failure or malfunction, a hidden lock with a coded key is provided for access. You can even take the INPRINT with you and use it where it's needed (home, office, boat or auto).

The INPRINT protects your valuables with the power and security of Biometrics. Biometrics data measures physical characteristics in order to distinguish individuals from one another. Through the use of fingerprint recognition, the INPRINT identifies and gives access to you and you only.

The INPRINT system works by enrolling specific fingerprints into the reader during a simple set-up process. After enrollment, the sensor compares reference points in the print to its database of enrolled prints. Based on this data the INPRINT accepts or rejects the fingerprint quickly and accurately.

Why use fingerprints? No two fingerprints have ever been found to be the same. It is the most accurate and reliable way to verify identity. Once your fingerprint is captured and encrypted, it can never be accessed or stolen from the system. Prints can be added or deleted at any time by an authorized user.


Rugged aluminum construction.
Solid state electronics for reliability.
AA battery pack
Can be reconfigured quickly and easily.
Recognizes up to 16 individual fingerprints.
Spring loaded door for reliable, fast access.
Standard key back-up.
Soft padded foam lining to protect valuables.
Protective rubber feet.

Dimensions 12.5" L x 8.2" W x 6.2" H
Weight About 6 pounds
Warranty 1 year limited manufacturers warranty

Retails for $300. Yours for $250 shipped OBO.

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