View Full Version : I am heading out yoting tommorow!

Big Jake
04-02-2010, 8:04 PM
I just got my new Foxpro Fury and I am itching to bust it's cherry! I am heading up to the Mojave area and see what we can find!

I'll be bringing my custom Mini .14 to help me out. I am bringing the digital camera and I hope to bag a few. I will post up pics tommorow night if I get anything!

04-02-2010, 8:12 PM
good luck man, hope to see some pics

04-02-2010, 9:19 PM

04-03-2010, 1:07 PM
hunting them this time of year will not hurt the population just think of all the private land that never get's hunted.

04-03-2010, 1:14 PM