View Full Version : Yet another crazy idea.... no more break-open to reload... (again, legal??)

02-14-2006, 4:06 PM
Instead of using a BM 10 rounders... can we use this 9 round magazine for our "fix mag"?




The KEY is "Easy Disassembly for Cleaning"....

So... instead of "break open to reload"....
- we flip our "fix mag rifle" upside-down
- disassembly the magazine.... ie. slide the black plate block away (since I didn't have one of this in hand, I'm not sure if it is inside the well or NOT....)
- pull out the spring and follower
- drop in 9 rounds (be sure BOLT is closed)
- put the follower and spring back
- reassemble the bottom plate block

Will this work!?


Any comments? :p

02-14-2006, 4:25 PM
Yea I got a comment, can I watch you fill that thing with 9 rounds then try and cram the follower and spring inside all the while trying to put the base back on?:rolleyes: ;)

02-14-2006, 4:49 PM
Yea I got a comment, can I watch you fill that thing with 9 rounds then try and cram the follower and spring inside all the while trying to put the base back on?:rolleyes: ;)

Hmmm... true... that can be a problem.... (see... I did mention "crazy idea" in the title, right?)

02-14-2006, 5:03 PM
Well, if you could work up some kind of set of mods to that mag, you could perhaps have a means of keeping the spring from jumping away. I'm thinking like a pair of guide rods poking through the floorplate, which keep the spring from jumping out on you.

Should be legal, and would certainly be more convenient than breaking open the rifle if you could just take care of the issue with the spring jumping away...

02-14-2006, 6:27 PM
Where is the use of a "tool"?

02-14-2006, 6:32 PM
Where is the use of a "tool"?

The magazine need not be detached to reload. No tool would be required to be legal.

02-14-2006, 6:51 PM
Where is the use of a "tool"?

That's if you want to detach the magazine. You don't need a tool to load an M1 Garand or SKS, and you're loading a fixed magazine there too. Same deal as what this guy's trying to come up with.

02-14-2006, 6:52 PM
Before "Lower Madness" set in around late November, bandwidth was spent discussing the development of an externally loaded magazine announced by Tactical Customs LLC. At the time they were waiting on a finalized design from an engineer in Texas and gave 8 weeks until their lowers would be on the market.

From their description, their fixed 10 rd mag could be loaded without breaking open the receivers.

Anyone heard anything from them since November? Wonder if they'd consider marketing the mags alone?

Well, their website was modified slightly (it now has a name):

Tactical Customs is in the final stages of development. Soon we will be offering our "CALTAC" (California legal) AR-15 rifle in .22cal, .223cal, and 9mm.

Contact our sales department for details.

02-15-2006, 5:15 AM
The mention of the SKS brings another thought to mind. Would it be possible to produce an honest 10 round "trapdoor" mag like that of the SKS? I Having cleaned a few magazines here and there. It is not hard to work with the magazine while it is unloaded. Hang to compress the spring and align the follower though...I seriously think I could be as fast at reloading by just popping the single pin and dropping them in from the top.

I have loaded many SKS's from the bottom though and it is not hard at all. The spring, follower and base are all one unit.

I am not knocking the idea, just thinking that there are a few things that might come up that actually makes the action harder to perform than the alternative. With a little work we could come up with a working solution.

02-15-2006, 5:35 AM
Other than the very slight wear on the rifle, I have found that with a key ring take down pin, loading my FAB-10 is quite easy. I think I would rather do that than take a cheesy magazine apart and put it back together to load these types of rifles.

And that is why you need 10 lowers, just in case you break one popping the pin and loading it so many times! ;)

02-15-2006, 9:37 AM
I think a push-button ball detent pin works well, too. See my post in this thread, near the bottom of the page:


02-15-2006, 10:35 AM
A 10 round magazine with a opening and apparatus to hold the spring and follower sounds like a novel idea and would be more "tactical" than breaking the action open to load. But, it physically may not be practically possible to fabricate this without the mag holding more than 10 rounds, unless you cut into the lower reciever. A friend and I disected his FAB-10 by drilling out the rivet and I indeed noted that all 10 rounds plus the follower and spring can fit into a closed mag-well lower.

Our CA-Legal ARs are a poor choice for entry gun because of the fixed mag. I personally look at mine like a "automatic bolt-action" rifle.:D I see a SU-16CA in my future for 30 round AR mag dumps.:cool: