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04-01-2010, 11:31 AM
So me and my brother decided we're gonna go to this spot we found while back to hunt coyote's. We've prep for a few weeks already but never got the chance to go so going out this morning was a rush for us! :)

We’ve arrived to the area at 4:52am, there was a light breeze and the smell of fresh rain was still in the air. The ground still soaked with yesterday’s rain and our boots already feeling what’s to come of them. The darkness still pierced night and the stars which we have not seen in a while shone bright. We’re barely opening the trunk of the car and our adrenaline is already rushing through our veins. We don’t know what the outcome of this morning will be but we each make a silent prayer that we get lucky today.

The hike was long yet it felt short from our anticipation on meeting our goal of we sought after for so long. After 30 minutes of hiking we finally settled down on a good spot. 5:33am, almost time. The stars laid the silhouette of the landscape before us waiting for what the morning light will reveal to us. We setup our stand with me on a hill 30 yards away from my brother while he sat below the hill yet high enough to view the landscape. I will be doing the call today. As we sat quietly in our stand, I make a check list in my head:
1. Rifle, check
2. Coyote call, check
3. Rabbit distress call, check
4. Squirrel call, check
5. Ammo, Check
6. Wind against our face, check

Everything is set. Just waiting for time to reveal to us what our future holds.
The light slowly awakens from its sleep and yawns over the horizon. The darkness recedes back into its dorm while the light takes over the shift. Finally, the silhouette transform into its intended shape. Knee height brushes laid through out the vast land and small boulders scattered through out. The morning chill has gotten to me as I clinch my fist over and over to keep warm. My brother looked up at me and gives me a thumb up. The time has arrived.

I make the first call to see if anything in view will move. Rabbit distress sounds like the right call. I give it a go a few times and we scan the field to see any movements. Nothing. After a few minutes I call again. My brother clicks his mouth to get my attention. He signals to me he see’s movement at 300 yards, 2 o’clock my direction. I glance over using my binocular and I see a small spec of grey fur around a brushes. I wait to confirm if it was what we are after. After a few second of staring at it which felt like an eternity, it finally emerges from behind the brushes. Sure enough it was what we were after.

I was equipped with a DPMS AR-15 24” bull barrel mated with 8-32x scope. At 300 yards, the magnification is perfect. My heart pumps to a thousand beats per second as I mount the rifle on my shoulder to hone in on my prey. I haven’t felt like this since my last hunt in Wisconsin. My brother clicks the signal, “hurry hurry! It’s on the move!” I try to acquire my prey but I have forgotten to reset the zoom back to 8x from the last range trip so I took a little time for target acquisition. Finally, I set it back to 8x and I catch the coyote’s tail dash into the brush. Darn! My fault for not checking the magnification on my check list! I make a desperate call to see if it will return but it must have had a bad dream the night before about walking towards the light after hearing its breakfast calling out to it.

As I was making my desperate plea to get another chance at it I hear brush crackling about 20 yards away from me on my 9 o’clock position. Darn it! This cant be happening to me! My rifle still shoulder pointed in the direction of the first coyote, I hear a bark. Roff Roff! Sure enough it was another coyote. It must have come in on the first call and we didn’t notice it as our focus was on the one my brother spotted. I click a signal to my brother for him to spot that coyote while I spot the far one. My brother waves to me, “I can’t see it”. I turn my attention to the one at hand but the 24” barrel and the 8x zoom just won’t cut it on a target 20 yards away. The 90 degree swing of the rifle was just too much movement for the prey to see.

As soon as I lift my head to see where it is, the coyote dashes out of the California into never land! I have lost two chances within a few minutes from each other. What a disappointment. My brother laughs and shakes his head and gives me a “what happen?” look. I shake my head in despair and pointed to myself, “my fault!”

We checked the time and it was 7:12am. Time to head back to town. Next time my friend, next time. We will go again this afternoon, but this time, with my SU-16 and a 3-9x scope. Wish us luck that we bring in at least one coyote.

Big Jake
04-01-2010, 11:35 AM
A bad day hunting is better than a good day at work!