View Full Version : 2 Old revolvers need repair BAY AREA Rossi &

04-01-2010, 1:31 AM
1st: Pretty nice condition .32 (VERY SMALL REVOLVER) over 100 years old and still shines! One of the 1st double actions. I think this one was made in 1898 XL 8 DOUBLE ACTION Hopkins and Allen MFG company marks before they became famous. Missing a screw and the spring is broken. I've seen these in bad working condition sell for $250 and more you can have this for $125.

2nd Ancient(one of the earliest production models) 4" barrel, AMADEO ROSSI made in Brazil and imported by interarms. 38 special, functional. A collector's item but there is some serious pitting in the nickle finish. This is a reliable throw-away and a pretty cool looking piece but not suitable more more than 5$250 OBO.

3rd 1810 SHOTGUN BARREL rusted, flintlock, probably from belgium, barrel ONLY, very rusted, decoration. Maker is supposedly a very well-known guy. Good markings, huge! Beyond repair. Cool wall piece. $150 OBO

Would gladly trade for something else.

I NEED AND WANT AL Charter Arms Snubby .38 blued
NEED .45 rock island or cheaper condition unimportant
Need 12 Gauge exact legal size, prefer short generic with no plugs, wear is fine.
Sport Rifle, cheap beater 30.06 or even a nagant or something along those lines.
Would love a reasonable M1 Carbine.

I am broke so money is important, thanks! ALL BAY AREA WELCOME! Paypal or cash