View Full Version : ACOG Special order turnaround times

03-29-2010, 9:53 PM

For all backordered ACOGs, the standard response has been a turn-around of 8-12 weeks from order to delivery. However, in the last half dozen or so ACOG orders we've seen that shrink to about 2-3 weeks. This is encouraging. If you have an ACOG need and we would like to help. You might get happy quicker than you think (a loaded statement, I know).


10-06-2010, 1:07 AM
Hey Scott, just got some quick questions.
I am in search for that one acog that fits my goal for this particular rifle.
It is basically an m4

First, I will start that for this particular AR15 that my primary focus is to use it effectively in an urban situation. However, I would like for it to have the ability to reach out and touch someone if the need so arises. 500 meters is the longest I will push the rifle.

I have been looking at the TA31RCO which seems to fit the bill. But then there the USMC version and the Army version. From the looks of it, it is just the reticle color that is the difference. While doing research on the different reticles, colors, magnification, I have become even more confused.

Could you break down the proper reticle choice that would be optimal for the end user?
Also, which colors would be better suited in each environment.
Lastly, is going with the 3.5 with long eye relief worth it over the 4x with the shorter eye relief?