View Full Version : Mosin Nagant PEM sniper resto update

03-28-2010, 8:02 PM
Got the barreled receiver back from the gunsmith up the street a couple days ago. He drilled/tapped the holes and set the pins for the repro PEM side rail mount I picked up. Turned out real good, lines up perfect. I already did the work to the stock for the base. Decided to notch the stock so the mount will come off without taking the whole rifle apart, that turned out good as well.
Unfortunatly because of all the work I had to do to the stock I decided to refinish the whole thing. I didnt want to but it just wouldnt look right. Luckly the stock is a post war refurb with no cartouches or any markings at all to be honest. Just a generic toe spliced stock. Still doing research on the best way to refinish.
All it needs besides refinishing is the bolt handle turned and a scope. Having a hard time finding a PEM scope so I will probably pick up a repro PE for now until I find a decent priced PEM. I can use the PE for another build down the road. My brother in law wants a PE top mount like my 1935 Tula PE.
It might be a while until its finished. I found a bcd4 that I decided to pick up for the LSR build so my funds are gone for now.
I am out of town for a few days so I will post pics of it so far when I get home. For those interested, the rifle is a 1939 Tula "cn" marked exsniper. Just puttin her back the way she was meant to be. Plus, I have a PE top mount and a PU so this fills a hole in my sniper collection.